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Minimal theme for Aseprite 1.2+, focused on screen space and clarity. 

  • New high-resolution icons and high contrast pointers;
  • Truetype fonts;
  • Dark colors.

This theme is meant to be used with 'Screen Scaling', 'UI Elements Scaling' and 'Mouse Cursor Scale' set to 100%.

Made by Fe @2dchaos

Bugs and suggestions, email me or leave a comment, I read them all! ^^

Published Apr 22, 2017
Release date Apr 22, 2017
Made withAseprite
Tagsaseprite, Dark, hd, Level Editor, Minimalist, Pixel Art, skin, sprites, theme
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International


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Minimal Dark HD 0.5 42 kB

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how come you didn't put a cursor in the theme

Hi, could you be more specific? There are cursors in the theme, one for each individual tool and a generic one. Make sure that "Use Native mouse cursors" is unchecked in the options.

when i installed the skin, there was no normal cursor. Only for the tools and some crosshairs. I looked on the image file and saw where the cursor would be but nothing was there.


I just added my own so it's not a problem for me anymore.

Ah, thanks for getting back to me, glad you could solve it! 

That's weird,  because the cursor is there, it is just in a new position, right here: 

Did you install the theme using the Extension Manager? Are you sure there wasn't a cursor when you installed? The cursor is pretty small, could it be that? I'll ask for help testing this on the discord channel. 


it must have been that I installed it by just the folder instead of an extension manager. Thanks for the help

No problem, glad you could manage ^^ Be sure to try the new version, I made new cursors ;D


I'm playing with your theme on Linux and I encountered this error. It only happens with the non-pixel-font version. The pixel-font version works alright.

Hi there, thank you so much for the report! I have little experience with Linux, does it come with the Arial font family? As a work around you could try installing it. I asked the creator of Aseprite is there's anyway of having different fonts for different OSes and will bring you an update when he answers ^^

No, Arial is a Microsoft font. There are ways of installing in on Linux though. I'll try it out and report back. But yeah, picking something more universal or having different options for different OSes would be nice.

So even with Arial installed I'm getting this issue.

All right, thanks for trying, I'll try do some tests in Linux here and will update the next version to manage Linux. ^^

Hi there! Test the new version when you can, it should be working in Linux now ;) 

Heyy :D Just wanted to say, i absolutely love your theme, it makes Aseprite so much nicer to look at, especially with the new update.

There's only one weird thing i noticed both on Windows and Mac which is, when using the Color/Tint/Shade/Tone mode of color selecting and sliding the little circle along the edges of the selection window, it kinda "multiplies"... i mean the circle just kinda sticks there... seems to be a graphic error, hope that makes sense...

I attached an image, you can see the thing happening at the left and right borders...

Still, love the theme i hope you keep updating it :))

Many thanks!

Hi there! That's been driving me nuts for a while but I can't see to figure out where this error is coming from hahah. I'll try to post on Aseprite's community and see if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this. Thanks for the kind words and for reporting ;)

Finally managed to find the bug and correct it on version 0.4 of the theme! ^_^ Thanks for reporting!


Thank you!!!


Best theme I've seen for Aseprite to date. Nice work.

Thank you so much! ;) Glad you like it!

upgrade for new verssion aseprite pleaze ?

I'm using it in Aseprite 1.2beta12 without problems, are you sure you're using the latest beta?

yea the more I encounter the document in aseprite-theme, it does not detect it, I replace the default files, crash software

ok I just found the problem it misses the file "package.json" to be able to install it in .zip or move the file

Sorry, I still don't understand, there's no need for package.json on the theme files. If you compiled it yourself I suggest you go to https://community.aseprite.org/ and ask questions there, since I'm using the steam version myself.

I've got the same problem unfortunately... When i try to install the extension from the .zip file with Aseprite beta 1.2beta12, i get the following error message:

(I'm on Mac OS X Sierra)


Upgraded to the new version! Check it out, thanks for the bug report ;D


Looks beautiful, thank you!

You are welcome, thanks ^^


Thank you!

Glad you liked it ^^